Printer Colour Profiles

These are ICC profiles for different paper types using the Canon Pixma G620/G650/G660 on macOS using the AirPrint driver.

These profiles will only work on macOS using AirPrint. They *should* also work on Windows, however you must select “Printer Manages Colour” on the print driver. You’ll need to use software such as Photoshop, Lightroom or Affinity Photo that allows you to apply an ICC profile to the print output.

Profiled with the Datacolor Spyder Print 1005 Spectrocolormeter using a High Quality Plus Greys Target. I plan on using 3rd party ink when my initial bottles run out, so I’ll update the profiles with generic ink as that will have some subtle differences.

Canon Pixma G620/G650/G660 – macOS AirPrint Profiles

Canon OEM Ink