Westernizer Website

During the summer of 2015, between the paper being finished and the new school year, I took it upon myself to create a website for the Westernizer Dayplanner published by the University Students’ Council of Western University every year. The planner is chock-full of information, especially when it comes to advertisements and events/locations around London.

Westernizer Screenshot 1

The idea was the bring the physical edition of the day planner online. Things such as the dates were left out, but mirrored with the course calendar section. The main focus was the city map with the locations of the businesses and attractions from the “London Section” as the main focus of the site. This allows the advertisers within the Westernizer to have another venue for getting their content seen.
Westernizer Screenshot 2

The site is WordPress with a modified theme and plugins and a large amount of custom css. You can visit the site over at westernizer.ca